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Monday Muse: Rosalind Jana

If you guys have been keeping an eye out for the Next Gen talent of writers from the UK who are making a wave in the fashion arena, you are sure to have had come across Rosalind Jana.

For all those of you kindly need a subtle nudge, and an introduction to this young woman of powerful thoughts with an excellent ability to convert those into words, I hereby present you with Rosalind Jana, writer and fashion Blogger.Rosalind writes on her blog clothescamerasandcoffee.blogspot.co.uk where she styles stunning shoots of herself and others too. This teamed with her expressing writing makes you want to spend more time scrolling across each article,which can sometimes lead you into trouble,since it is so addictive that you almost forget your own deadlines.

All of 17, Rosalind won the Vogue Talent Contest 2011 last year, has been clicked by street style photographers all around the world at the London Fashion Week. Previous Vogue Talent Winners include Harriet Quick, Leisa Barnett,Stephen Doig all have left a mark for themselves in the Fashion Journalism space.

So, in case you are not following her blog already, this is the time to track Rosalind’s journey as a writer and blogger.

Her style is as described by Because London very Pre-Raphaelite, which I somewhat agree, as you can see traced of that subtle rustic beauty coming through her Long hair,the dreamy eyes, and now that I am saying that I can actually imagine her as a modern-day Ophelia in the famous Sir John Everett Millais painting.

I will let you be the best judge of my imagination.


Also a subtle reminder for all you guys who would like to attend the London Bloggers Meet November 2012, Please leave a comment with your email so that I can send you a mail.


Di xx

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London Street Style: Orange Cozy Knit

With the Winter officially setting and rumours of a mild snowfall too, I was more than tempted to snuggle in my duvet and not venture out at all today!

The temperature is hitting the lower end single digits (Read as 0 degrees) which gives us a chance to get our fur coats,scarves,gloves and everything else possibly spelling out “WARMTH” out! Thus explains me going through My London Street Style photos folder to pull out some “Comfort” images!

Considering Halloween is around the corner,and Tangerine has been the colour of the year,all the pumpkins and warm colours made me choose this picture from the London Fashion Week,when I was out and about clicking Street Style images.

This man actually reminds me of one of my very good friend back in India, Mohit Rai, who is a freelance stylist, and I can so imagine him strutting this off with absolute swan like grace!I would love to shoot a few images of him in a cozy knit!


Orange is one of the best colours to invest in this Fall Winter, for outerwear, Please see my trending board here for more inspiration.

Orange Pinterest


Di xx

London Fashion Blogger Meetup November 2012

Hi Guys,

I have been so inspired by the http://www.heartifb.com ‘s article about organising a Local Blogger Meetup that I have decided to take the initiative!I have created a little event in Eventbrite.com to ask you all London Fashion Bloggers to save the date. All information is here:


Facebook page: London Fashion Bloggers

Twitter: @LDNbloggers

It is on the 5th November 2012, at 6:30 p.m. in Founders Arm Pub,Southbank (Near Tate Modern).

I am trying to get a few guest speakers (Nothing promised!) which should always be good..and have confirmations from a few brands and boutique who would love to come by and meet all fellow bloggers!

It is a great way to connect and build a community of London Bloggers, so if you like the idea of coming by for a drink to nod a little hello…please share/reblog this post an come by!!All Beauty/Lifestyle/fashion/Instgrammers are invited! More the merrier!

If you know of any brand who would like to join us, please share their contact on my email : dianak@trendbridged.com and I can send them a mail!Oh also, Carry a Card,a photo,a Post-it..anything to spread your blog’s name!

Thank You guys, I surely hope I see some of you!

Di xx

PLEASE,Leave a Comment in case you are attending so that I can ensure each one of us has a cupcake or two :)

The Christian Dior New Look : Marion Cotillard

I have thought many a time to feature Marion Cotillard on my Monday Muse for a vintage and retro looks made classic with elegance and subtle glamour.


Her french style is alluring and very hard to nail down as she is quite experimental.


However this is a quick one to share with you all the latest video of the Lady Dior web documentary series La Métamorphose, and how secrets are revealed about the BAR SUIT and the very essential point of history THE NEW LOOK.


The feminism is oozing out with Marion wearing some of the original creations of Christian Dior himself.



What do you think of this video?



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