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Natalia Alaverdian Fashion Editor Harper’s Bazaar: Monday Muse

Natalia Alaverdian is a true Global citizen.

I say that not because she happens to travel to most Fashion weeks around the world but Natalia Alaverdian seems to carry a bit of everywhere in her!

If you are a Street Style addict, this demure Belgian/Armenian fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar Russia,must have caught your eye quite a few times. She is power-packed she is, coz not only is she responsible for the amazing Russian Fashion Magazine spreads, but is also the name behind her Fashion label called A.W.A.K.E (short for All Wonderful Adventures Kindle Enthusiasm). So despite her pivotal role to play in Russian, Natalia Alaverdian has her label based in London..(Global Citizen point noted)

Natalia is quite petite,so no surprise the heels and the short length skirt/dresses provide the height to her frame,which is a great tip to take away,since I myself need to stretch my neck to grab everyone’s attention in a room full of people.

On contraire, the tailored pants floral pants teamed with long line coat and a high bun can do tricks a plenty for Natalia Alaverdian.

If you are inspired by her style, watch out for’s “Get the Monday Look” feature coming in the New Year.

Talking about the New Year, today is the last day of 2012, how are you spending it?


Di xx Pink Jacket-Leather Skirt makeup Pants Tights AWAKE Dress Giraffe Natalia-Alaverdian-Trendbridged.com_Vanessa Jackman_fur CoatNatalia Alaverdian Stockholm Gillet-Denim Lace Dress

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Merry Christmas everyone!


Naty Chabanenko by Pierre Dal Corso for Love Cat Magazine # 3


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Monday Muse: Peony Lim,Blogger

I have been following Peony Lim’s blog since I started blogging last year.

As an avid Blog-yeur (A person who loves to see other people blog), I spent the first few months of my blogging lifetime just observing what other bloggers were doing, and Peony, Caroline from Caroline’s World, Hedvig of The Northern Light were always inspirational with their unique styles.

Now if you follow my blog,you would know that I rather be behind the camera than in front,so I have a lot of respect for these ladies to look great in most of their pictures!

I went to the Grazia Live event in September where Peony was on the panel of Masterclass talking about how to take great Pictures,and she was a joy to listen to!

Starting her blog, by chance this Fashion Promotion student was encouraged by other street style photographers outside Somerset House (where her university was strategically based and was always clicked by other photographers) and thus the birth of peonylim.blogspot.

Always well styled and quite classic, I like how Peony brightens up a basic pair of jeans with accessories, like the Lavender Pom-Poms to her phone and clutch or the Linda Farrow Minnie Mouse Glasses with a classic Black-white outfit! (images below).

Her wardrobe staples usually include a Classic White Shirt, Red Lipstick and Classic Pumps. How versatile, and that is exactly how each of her looks are like. Edited to perfection yet versatile enough to go for high tea or a girls night out!

"Peony_Lim" "Peony_Lim" "Peony_Lim"Peony_Lim"Peony_Lim" Peony_Lim_Trendbridged.com_04 "Peony_Lim"

Well this is probably my last post before Christmas, so a MERRY CHRISTMAS you all!!

Di xx

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Dinky Talks with Luise Keller

I always like going back through my year’s folders of pictures I have clicked just to ensure I have not missed a certain post or a brand I wanted to cover but just forgot about it!

And I hit Jackpot (That way I feel less guilty of forgetting where I saved these pictures) with this folder! It was a trip to an exhibition where I met quite a few brands and designers and I guess,this Holiday Season your emails will be filled with great Designer Labels and upcoming brands to explore! What Joy!

Have a look at at Luise Keller’s website to see all these amazing jewellery in exquisite materials,all hand crafted in Germany.

You can see the distinct difference in the mood,colour and textures in the Autumn Winter range (Last 2) to the Spring Summer collection with great tropical influences.

Watch this space for more to be revealed:)

Di x

Luise_Keller_Jewellery Luise_Keller_Jewellery Luise_Keller_Jewellery Luise_Keller_Jewellery Luise_Keller_Jewellery Luise_Keller_Jewellery

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