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Ahoy Captain!

I recently met someone, who is a the Men’s Jersey Designer for a leading UK brand. One topic led to another and we came down to the discussion of the ever longing Breton Stripe/Nautical look. He believed, despite the fact that it was in “Trend” 2-3 years ago on the runway, how people still love wearing it, and if it the trend is trickling down at all? Well,I believe it is just the easiest wear!

It could be the ease one can carry it off with, or the versatility of it, the androgyny of it, that I could pick up my Dad’s old FU Stovepipe jeans and wear a Zara Nautical stripe and make the look so classic with a Topshop Blazer!

The very next day,I spotted this young Man, Mike at an old vintage thrift store which sold naval/military clothes carried the same look with ease.

I love how the look has been given a modern look with the leather shoes, and the dual tones glasses, and of course the belt( Don’t real know if it is Vintage Gucci, or just a thrifted one?)

Well, I must admit, it was his attitude as well,which captured the whole story of the, “Sailor Boy, stopping by a port, to grab a couple of drinks, and then off you go again!”


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