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2D or not 2D,that is the question!

Moscow-based photographer Alexander Khokhlov and makeup artist Valeriya Kutsan have created and photographed a series of portraits that play with the natural lines of their models’ faces and twist them into strange new forms.

In photography we try to make a 3D object look 3D by playing with depths and shadows, and try not to make a picture look too flat. That is exactly the opposite what Alexander and Valeriya have achieved in this collection which they call “ 2D Or Not 2D”, they made a 3D subject look not only 2D, but almost warped your brains to make you understand what is actually happening in the picture.

The makeup is beautiful, and my favourites are the Black and White ones, but the Angry birds can not be ignored, can it?

According to Khokhlov – “Valeriya used different techniques of face painting so you can see a lot of variations – from sketch and graphic arts to water-colour and oil-paintings. This is a combination of interesting make-ups, studio photography experiments and careful retouching.”

Russian-Makeup-artist-illusion- Russian-Makeup-artist-illusion- Russian-Makeup-artist-illusion- Russian-Makeup-artist-illusion-2 Russian-Makeup-artist-illusion- Russian-Makeup-artist-illusion-2 Russian-Makeup-artist-illusion-2 Russian-Makeup-artist-illusion-2 Russian-Makeup-artist-illusion- Russian-Makeup-artist-illusion- Russian-Makeup-artist-illusion- Russian-Makeup-artist-illusion-2

Inspired by this? Try this crazy-cool Roy Lichtenstein-inspired pop art makeup yourself thanks to Emma Pickles!




Dolce and Gabbana Bronzer: New addition to Make up bag

I can’t believe I am making my Christmas already! 5 weeks to Christmas and 6 to a new year!

Who else thinks this year has just flown by? More on that over coffee and skype:)

I have been using this Dolce and Gabbana Bronzer for a few weeks, and I must saw it has been one of the most beautiful and silky bronzer in my make up bag for a very long time!

The texture is soft, the brush just picks up the right amount of shimmer and powder to sweep across your cheeks.

I have been using it as an eyeshadow for a quick “pep-me-up” after work look, and it just brightens your eyes to take away all that staring at computer screen look off your face.

This will be my go-to blusher this Party season, when I just want one neat, beautifully packaged bronzer in my bag, which duals up as shimmer eyeshadow, and highlights your contours the right way.

A very EASY Christmas gift, and it will be appreciated across ages, so if you looking for a luxury gift for your Mum or your girlfriend, click here to get shopping!

Dolce and Gabbana Bronzer Dolce and Gabbana Bronzer 2

More Bronzers to choose from….

What is your favourite bronzer? Do Share!

New to MakeUp Bag: Burberry in Red!

Anyone who knows me, knows I love my red lippy!
I have been a Ruby Woo from MAC girl for as long as I remember so when my darling friend Tilda who works as Burberry gave me some of the latest products she has been working on I wasn’t surprised to find a Red Lipstick with in the lot.

She chose a nice pink blusher with a matching Gloss to go with it along with a glossy Red nail paint! All that a girl could ask for!

Now the MAC Ruby woo is quite matt and if you haven’t moisturised your lips,it can feel quite chappy/flakey. Also it’s a deep red so looks great on my Indian olive skin.

The Burberry Brick Red is a different ball game altogether.The velvety texture moisturises your lips while the colour is a deep red bordering with wine and once on your lips,looks luscious.I got quite a few nods of approval from my girl friends and definitely recommend this shade and texture if you want a dressier version of your Matt Mac baby:)

Thanks Tilda..I owe you one!!x

Burberry Make Up

Lipstick (Burberry Lip Cover Brick Red #19), Nailpaint (Burberry Military Red # 300), Lip Gloss (Burberry LipGlow Mallow Pink # 19),  Blush (Burberry Light Glow Hydrangea Pink #10)
Shop the look here:

Michael van der Ham LFW SS2014

I had the great privilege of going and meeting Michael van der Ham 2 days before his LFW show at his Stoke Newington atelier, thanks to CND nails (Creative Nail Design) who have partnered with Michael over the last 2 seasons to create beautiful nail art for the show.

In an intimate conversation with Michael and the oh so Charismatic Jan Arnold, the co-founder of CND nails, I was told, what was the process behind the collection and then how it led to such a successful and creative collaboration between the 2 art lovers.

CND nails, has been on a mission to bring innovation with creative art and technology for the last 30 years in the nail industry, and as a result is the force behind many runways shows for the past 18 years with collaborating with 3.1 Phillip Lim, Herve Leger, Alexander Wang et al, so it was but natural to team up with the talented London based designer Michael.

After last season’s rustic metallic nail, this collection reflected derelict yet a feminine woman. Inspired by the photographs of African women working in fields, captured beautifully in Jackie Nickerson’s book Farm, the pieces and the fabrics were hand embroidered, and were fragile in texture, layered with brocades, which Michael is known for. The key words were hand made, layered and richly textured.

Michael van der Ham LFW ss14 6

Inspiration Mood Board at the Atelier.

The fabrics once sent to CND nails’ team were taken up by Jan and her team of creative artists who decided to call this collection as Michael’s Garden.

Colours were inspired from a dream like garden, all tied together in Monet-like French impressionism VERY glossy mini nail canvases.

Each of the nails were hand painted, and I was told 270 hours of intensive labour has gone into pre painting and application of the nails on the model on the day of the show!

“We can execute whatever he dreams of..” says Jan brimming with confidence, which is a boon to have when collaborating with another creative.

“Jan gives me confidence to dream whatever I want, and she just gets it..despite the time zones and the fact that we actually meet only a day before the show!” says Michael.

This is a very wearable look, and despite the CND Nails artists working hours on each nail with a thin wax film to ensure consistency to maintain the fluidity of the pattern, the key factor to keep in mind is gloss.

Jan recommends short nails, with über details of sponging with dusty colours as a base, with one pop colour like Coral as the highlight with coats of their Super Shiny top coat (which I must admit I have, and it is indeed a work of art..see my instagram here)

Michael van der Ham LFW ss14 1

The creative duo, Jan and Michael at Michael’s atelier.

Michael van der Ham LFW ss14 9 Michael van der Ham LFW ss14 7Michael van der Ham LFW ss14 11 Michael van der Ham LFW ss14 13

Exclusive Christian Louboutin for Michael van der Ham

Exclusive Christian Louboutin for Michael van der Ham

Michael van der Ham LFW ss14 2

L’oreal Hair team give way glossy ponytail trend this season.

Michael van der Ham LFW ss14 14

MAC makeup bring it all together with dewy makeup and Shimmer Eyes.

Michael-Van-Der-Ham-LFWCND For Michael van der Ham - Backstage: London Fashion Week SS14Michael van der Ham LFW ss14 4 The venue, Cafe Royal, was grand just as Michael had described it, and with all the mirror reflecting infinite world of layered opulence, the pieces seem to fit in making the dream like story complete.

Michael van der Ham LFW ss14 12 Michael van der Ham LFW ss14 3Michael van der Ham LFW ss14 10CND For Michael van der Ham - Runway: London Fashion Week SS14 Michael van der Ham LFW ss14 8

To see the rest of the collection, click here



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