Cobalt Blue Feather Skirt


We all know the must have colours for the season are Cobalt Blue,Oxblood Red and a carryover from last season(and the season before..) NEON!

It’s a combination which can work great if done right,and this is a specimen,Ladies and Gentlemen how to wear the trend!

The ostrich feather adds texture and depth to the eye catchy blue while the sequin tones down the neon.(I saw a skirt at Zara which looks the same,and the new colour way is now Ombré dyed

The 2 contrasting texture could go awfully wrong,but the opposites actually work together,as the feather soften the sequins.

I know I have seen the shoes before..but I just can’t place it! Any suggestions?



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Love, Di xx




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    • Diana Kakkar
      October 17, 2012 at 11:03 am (2 years ago)

      I agree..I love the colours and the play of textures!!
      I love your posts..and most of the brands you talk about are my fav!! Love the SIBLING warmers,they are adorable aren’t they?


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