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French Christmas and 5000 Hits!


Special Attention to the Wolly Socks and the Pom Pom Hot Water Bottle to keep me warm!

"My little Paris"

with My Tour d'eiffel hand towel, and L'occitane Shower creme

I write in utter bliss, after having a great meal in a small restaurant called La Villa Toussaint, in Angers, France.

Sitting in my Pyjamas with Mr. Steve Jobs staring at me (My holiday read is his biography, Bless his soul!), and an open fire, with the occasional sound of the flicker adding to the beat of the Charles Mingus playing in the background…You get the picture right?

A day after Christmas, and I can’t stop reading my new Christmas Gift, “My Little Paris”, a little pile of secrets of things to do in Paris, and fall in love with the ever beautiful city even more. I can surely say J’adore Paris.

Few things which are on my wish list, which my partner-in-crime-friend and founder of, Japna Sodhi will love is : PANTY BY POST!!!

It is pretty self-explanatory, it is a Panty in a Post!You sign up in advance, and you get a surprise every month! How simple, and sheer exciting. My one stop to feel good! The idle situation is if the postman is good-looking himself! “How you doing?” 😉

Well that is from me in France, hope you guys have a great New year, I shall take my leave so that I can write myself a letter to myself in the future!

P.s: Just had my 5000th hit! What a year!(It’s a modest end!)

Bonne année mes Amis!



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