Monday Men : Justin Doss, Senior Fashion Editor GQ

Ooooh It is getting so hot in here!

It usually takes me 1 hour to source images, and 1 hour to edit and write and post, but I must say, This Monday Men has got my fingers aching for more!

You must have spotted Mr.Charming Justin Doss in Tommy Ton’s tumblr or GQ’s street style, and boy oh boy, this man is sizzling with style and panache.The word around the town is, he is a “Man of who wears many hats”, and why not, apart from the obvious picture clues!

Justin Has has had a an excellent and a VERY steep career path with stints at Ralph Lauren, Sid Mashburn and Barneys where he was one of the top menswear buyers, and then replacing the very Senior Lisa Cohen after her retirement post her 28-year tenure at GQ. May I add, Justin is all of 27 years of age!! PHEWWW!!

His style: is an European Man in New York, with an eloquent taste in Sartorial dressing, worn always with a smug smile and may almost know all the milliners in town, considering his Hat collections!

Having said this, I must insist on all of you checking out my friend Amrit’s Wandering Brummell blog where he curates and blogs all about excellent Men’s style!Keep it up Mate!

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I Came across this video on Jake Davis‘s blog. Details and expressions captured beautifully!!

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  • Amrit Jain October 8, 2012 at 12:56 pm

    Justin Doss likes to believe in the idea of ‘Sprezzatura’ – maintaining the sartorial elegance and charm but with intentional mistakes like no socks, crooked tie, irregular bend of the fedora… you can call it being a little eccentric but that’s the whole artful charm in it… A slight imperfection in perfection!

    Lovely written post and great pictures… Kudos!


    • Diana Kakkar October 10, 2012 at 11:40 am

      Now that is something I had no idea about-Sprezzatura! It almost reminds me of Japanese Wabi-Sabi,where imperfection is a beauty too!

      Thanks for my “know of the day” Amrit!


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