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Monday Men: Justin O’Shea, Buying Director

The first time I spotted Justin O’Shea was in the Sartorialist back in February 2011. I had just moved to London and had started then, and all I was hoping to do was spot Justin O’Shea casually walking around Covent Garden and click some great candid shots of him!!

Of course,since then everyone from Le 21em, to Citizen Couture to Phil Oh have had the pleasure of clicking some great shots of him!

Justin O’Shea was born and raised in a small Aussie Aboriginal town and upon moving to London, found his true calling! Being the worldwide Buying Director for, you can spot him globe-trotting during the Fashion Week season.

He is the perfect Biker-does-Saville-Row style, with his well-tailored (often if not) 3- piece suits, teamed with a printed shirt, showing a snippet of his ink playing a peek a boo! I love how he can team up the the vest and jacket from one set with trousers of another.I am usually never fond of half sleeves shirt on men, (My rule being If Hot,Suck it up or Roll it up),but he does the quarter sleeve just right (Of course being fit has a huge role to play!)

P.s: Special attention to the metal capped burgundy boots (Also featured in the video below).

Anyway, Thus presenting Justin O’Shea:

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If this is not enough to woo you, I found this video by BeefEater with the #MyLondon campaign.It shows snippets of London,just the way it is..Beautiful!

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I found this great post on how to roll up your Dress shirt: Click here

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