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Oversized Shirt and a Fedora Hat

I just found a batch of images which went mysteriously missing from my cards and my backup devices! (Of course saving it in the right folder would have helped!)

Thankfully I found it!!It was almost mid October, a beautiful sunny crisp days, when I clicked this image so the transitional clothing was a key feature. You did not want to dress up too warm lest you swelter in the tube, yet you wanted to layer up well enough to enjoy a good night out! (Well that is how I dress up, and it works fab, NEVER forget the flat shoes on a night out!).

I loved this guy’s relaxed look, he was walking with his mates, so was well chuffed when I asked him to bless my camera, and bless he did!

The Fedora hat and the Long oversized Pyjama stripe Shirt, with the Cool Navy Jacket (Loved the high break fresh!) was just the perfect way to bid adieu to the loving Summer!If you guys are in a warm place, or want to revamp your “in between season” look, this could be quite inspirational!

It is quite Bohemian meets Chaplin (He did have his trousers rolled up!)

Don’t forget the accessories either:)

Unfortunately I had the wrong lens with me, so could not get the complete look, but I have learnt my lesson and invested in a better lens!

Enjoy amigos!

Love, Di xx




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