How I welcome Spring -Body Shop

Spring is in the air..and definitely in London!

We are recovering from a sunny weekend, a boozy head full of Pimm’s and a sun kissed skin!

I love my MAC Lipstick, however knowing my love for lipsticks, my friend who works for Body Shop, gifted me these beauties along with the Body Butter and a Satsuma Body mist. I used it in the morning and I am writing this post at the end of the day, and I can still catch a whiff of the scent every now and then.

To make the most of the sun kissed look, use a moisturiser and bronze it with a Dolce Gabbana Bronzer. This feels like Spring!

Pro tip: Use your Body Mist/Eau de Toilette after moisturising your body. The scent lasts longer. If using scented body butter like above, stick to the same family of scent- e.g. Fruity with Fruity scents, Floral- like Cherry Blossom with Floral perfume.


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Paris Fashion Week Men’s Style Diaries: Justin O’Shea

You all know I have been a fan of the Aussie buying Director of, Justin O’Shea for a few years now.
I have written about him here..and here..but seeing Justin O’Shea in person is a different ball game.

His persona stands out in a crowd not only just through his sauve styling but his aura he commands. His style is usually always sharp but as one would guess , he does love his biker jackets.
See his Paris Fashion Week look here:


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