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Secret Rentez-Vous for Fashion Bloggers

LDN Bloggers and French Start-up Rentez-Vous partnered for an event on the 11th May at Port-Of-Entry in Old street.

Rentez-Vous was founded in 2012 by Fiona Designi, with a novel idea of renting out your wardrobe. The idea is simple, as we all MUST acknowledge we all have loads of clothes in the back of our wardrobe which we sometimes forget about(Cheeky me) or just one those “I don’t know when I will wear that dress” dresses! The idea is to recycle these clothes, and get some money out of the money you spent on it initially by renting out your clothes for 2-3 weeks! Something like renting out your couch for a period of time. None of us mind a bit of extra ch-ching!

So, this was a one of a kind event, held for the very first time in London. To mark the launch of the website, Rentez-Vous partnered with LDN Bloggers to get a hand selected-invite-only Bloggers in with 5 pieces of their clothing, equipped with a functional Paypal account and a willingness to style themselves in other’s pieces!

The result was spectacular afternoon with clothes being swapped and cameras clicking away!

Any-who, my friend Chloé, founder of and I are such geeks, that we decided to fuse her undying love for tech codes and my street style images into this little widget! Of course this would have not happened had Fiona not randomly mentioned it over a glass of vino! Birds of the same feather you see!

It tells you what Blogger rented who’s clothes, how very clever? Even if I have to say it myself!

If you are a blogger and want to attend the next Rentez-Vous’s event on the 30th May, Email to receive your invite.

Till then! Adios, Happy posing and now even a bit of coding, thanks to Chloe!

Au Rentez-Vous déjà?




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