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Make up your HEAD

Hairdresser at BatisteBirds,bees and Butterflies.

Scarves should not be limited to a "Bad Hair Days",and Vintage fairs.

Sorry this was a Sneak shot, but someone cut my frame, But i loved it!

Or Glam it up.

The Vintage Fashion Fair was actually inspiring to be in, since I had just come back from Paris after an inspiration/research trip for my day job, and this was the cherry to the icing.

The simplest way to go vintage is, dress up your “votre tête“.

You saw a lot of Head Dressing, since Batiste, had a stall where they churned out masterpieces of vintage Hair do’s on the public.

That is where I spotted this talented hair artist with the Orange Hummingbird on her head.Rest as we call was history.

Style Tip: Huge on WGSN trends is the scarf around the head.Go for the bright colours for the oomph.

At the top of my head..

And it is on everyone else’s!

The new Spring accessory is out and people are not shying away from flaunting their collection.Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are back in that era, where people would not step out of their house without a head-gear, be it a beret, a fedora,or a simple bow to go along with the flirtatious Day dress.

The beauty about London is that you can see all this inspiration, while you walking down the Sunday market with a friend, and you say, “oh my god, I have to click that Hat”, and it turns out to be a millinery wearing her own piece!

Well, I must admit, I was embarrassed when Victoria Grant told me she was Victoria Grant, and very politely agreed to let me be trigger happy, while she was relaxing in the sun, but well it gave me enough inspiration to write this post.

Victoria Grant wearing her creation.

As luck would have it, I was to meet yet another budding Millinery KC lake, whose work was featured in my previous blog “Yohji Yamamoto and His friends“, very unknowingly. And then I saw the website ,and I was stunned. There are some beautiful pieces which you could wear down the high street, or to a wedding, or simply to your girls lunch, just to be the envy of everyone’s eye.

Unfortunately, I could not meet KC, so I take the liberty of showcasing the latest Spring collection from Ms. Lake’s website.I have promised to meet KC soon, and hope I can show you all some more of her artistic pieces.

I love this piece from KC Lakes latest collection.

If this was not enough, I met yet another millinery at the Spitalfield market, Rachel Black, who uses natural Fabric like Sinamay to make some very interesting everyday clips and hair-bands.

I was very inspired by seeing the work of these 3 talented women, with their distinct styles, yet glamorous enough to be awed!

Here are some street shots of my obsession with head-gears, needless to say I have started filling my Pandora box with a few while this trend is on, and I need something to wear at the Royal Wedding :)

I love the blue streak complimented with the flower pin.

I think I made him chuckle, with my Gasp and Squeal, both at the same time!

I’ll take the Notes on the Hat:)

So I learnt from my experience last time, and now my first question is “Do you speak English?”!!

Well again this little girl, and I barely understood what we spoke except “Fashion” “Blog” “Picture” “Please??”

Voila! It did the trick and she obliged me with this picture right under the London Eye. (I love the South Bank)

I love her Pants and I love her HAT!

I would love to see what look she rocks on another day!

Pardon my Photography skills, I am far from learning how to frame my picture whilst 100 people are walking past me:)

But I am sure if I go travelling with my photographer friend Simran, she should teach me a thing or two.If photography is what you looking for, have a look at her little Photoblog

Till then enjoy the Notes on the Hat:)