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Dinky Talks with Olga Noronha

I came across Olga and her eponymous label Olga Noronha last year. I was mesmerised by her Conflict series of ground breaking accessories and jewellery. I don’t use the word “ground breaking” lightly here. All her concepts are pushing the boundaries of everyday norm, while still being inspired by what we all have, our bodies!

When I read about the Trans Mutation exhibition, I developed pre-conceived notions related with the word mutation, but I was dumbfounded when I saw pictures of theatrical presentation and some real ornate bust-esque accessories.

A perfect marriage between the study of anatomies and mechanics, Olga challenges the concept of her dramatic pieces, by making one have an opinion. Some LOVE her work, and some have other opinions..

I have always been impressed with her as a Designer, and a jewellery Designer like none!

I am showcasing some of her editorial pictures which has been shot for the Brazilian magazine U+Mag, by Gabrielle Murphy. Leave your comments to tell me what you think, both of her work and the editorial!

U-MAG-04-version-021 U-MAG-03-version-011 U-MAG-05-version-011 U-MAG-01-version-011 U-MAG-02-version-012 U-MAG-06-version-011



Dinky Talks with Luise Keller

I always like going back through my year’s folders of pictures I have clicked just to ensure I have not missed a certain post or a brand I wanted to cover but just forgot about it!

And I hit Jackpot (That way I feel less guilty of forgetting where I saved these pictures) with this folder! It was a trip to an exhibition where I met quite a few brands and designers and I guess,this Holiday Season your emails will be filled with great Designer Labels and upcoming brands to explore! What Joy!

Have a look at at Luise Keller’s website to see all these amazing jewellery in exquisite materials,all hand crafted in Germany.

You can see the distinct difference in the mood,colour and textures in the Autumn Winter range (Last 2) to the Spring Summer collection with great tropical influences.

Watch this space for more to be revealed:)

Di x

Luise_Keller_Jewellery Luise_Keller_Jewellery Luise_Keller_Jewellery Luise_Keller_Jewellery Luise_Keller_Jewellery Luise_Keller_Jewellery

Christmas Festivities: Jewellery Alert

My recent trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum got me such great pictures and inspirations for my next design process that I went into a little CO (Creative Overload)!

All the pictures are pretty straight forward.

If you like any of my animal rings,Check out

If you like my delta necklace,Check out

Can’t really help you with the V&A collection:)









Di xx

Comfort Station, Brick Lane,London

On one my recent photo walks around East London I came across this real quirky store called Comfort Station, and comfort it indeed is!

This quirky little store has all things small and nice,and is a jewellery heaven! All I wanted from the store was Everything!

Sadly,I did not have much time on my hands as I was with a real busy fast walking photo group so did not get a chance to browse through everything but I got in touch with the designer behind the store Amy Anderson, who makes each of these beautiful pieces in the Brick Lane Studio using sterling silver, gold, Swarovski and antique crystals,semi-precious stones and sustainably harvested woods.

It is a little visual treat in this shop and you can see the story behind each piece (bearing in mind I had 5 minutes I gathered this information..imagine the length of this post if I was there for 20).
If you ever get a chance, please take a wander down this street and tell me what you think?
Comfort Station HQ
22 Cheshire Street
London E2 6EH
"Comfort Station London""Comfort Station London"
Some Images from the Comfort Station store, Images from their Facebook Page.