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Haute Market:)

Well it is a Saturday, It is sunny, and I am going to the Market,so it is obvious that I dress pretty much in my loafers, My Breton stripe tee, with my dark rinse weekend jeans, (could be slightly ripped) and those dark Sunny’s since I am not wearing any eye make-up; but Thank God for people who do think of dressing up for a trip to the market, than silly me  who decides to dress down!

This explains,why I am behind the camera most of the times! Sometimes, I have chased people in my worn down jeans, to say, “Hi I am a fashion blogger, don’t judge me from what I wear today, but Can I click a picture of you??”, and I get comments like..”Are you sure you clicking me, because you like what I am wearing, and not that the title of your next blog would be “Fashion Faux Pas”, featuring me???”

Well, I have to assure them by giving them my blog address, only to say, “If I had to do that, why would I give you the address!!??”. Smoooth!

Well, someone who was very smooth, was this fine woman, wearing her Faux(I hope) Fur jacket, which blended perfectly with her Sun Blonde Hair, and wore the Equestrian trousers bloody well, if I may say so myself! All in all, a perfect look, for hmmm…a front row runway show, but who cares, it will turn heads in the market too! Just need to watch those heels Missy!


Love those Shoes!!


Skater Boy with and Skater Girl Skating on the Street…

You know what I love about Sunny days in London, I love it when the breeze is cold enough, to make you still need those scarves and gloves, and the jackets, and the usual cuppa, or a pint, whatever floats your boat:)

But what I love most of sunny days is the way Londoners just come outta their burrows( also known as PUBS) like little Meerkats and just go crazy with all the warmth radiating by the Stranger, we call “the Sun”, here in this part of the world.

The Music plays on the streets, the cycle stands are packed, the patios have enough wine buckets, people grabbing the sandwiches and plopping themselves on the little sunny patch on that one part of the garden, and if not they just sit wherever they get the Sun.

On the other side you have this crowd cheering, for these extreme sport enthusiasts who are defying gravity on their wheels, be it a bicycle or on the skateboard. You have this Grungy little den with graffiti being worked upon 24/7, these artists are little elves creating a fantasy land with spray colour in the middle of the nights.

And on the other end you have this girl skating by with a little blue bag dangling by her side, which I bet must contain her shoes, in case she decides to go and get a drink somewhere.

It is this blend, which makes a sunny day more beautiful.

So today’s VM is about the contrast of the 2 wheels, 2 worlds, and the beauty lying in those 2 wheel worlds.



Skater Girl