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Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea Creative Director,Monday Muse

Sofia Sanchez Barrenchea has been popping up my radar through various researches. She is a New York based Argentinian Creative Director and Graphic designer for various brands.

I actually spotted her through my research for unique local designers and came across this brilliant website called UnderOurSky. A website promoting Argentinian Designers. Upon researching I came across, the website is owned by three sisters, Sofia,Lucia and Catalina.All of them based in 3 different cities: New York, Paris and Buenos Aires.Lucia, a CSM graduate has interned worked with Balenciaga,Isabel Marant, and many more so Fashion is running in the core of this sister trio.

Sofia Sanchez works on ensuring the designers from her home country reaches beyond geographical boundaries (something I always work with on thus was born.

Her style is not run of the mill,and actually quite hard to nail, but I know she chooses comfort over style most of the time (I like) and wears no to minimal makeup most days unless meeting someone. (With that natural dewy skin, I would never wear makeup! Click here for Dewy Makeup Tutorial). Special attention to the well-defined brows.

You can see influences of eclectic and patterns with rugged leather jacket and statement shoes which is quite out there and on the other side, there is a classic monochrome look in a white shirt and black cape.

Sofia-Sanchez-Barrenechea 15Sofia-Sanchez-Barrenechea-Creative-Director Sofia-Sanchez-Barrenechea-Creative-Director Sofia-Sanchez-Barrenechea-Creative-Director Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea Sofia Sophia Sanchez Barrenechea Sophia Sanchez Barrenechea Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea Sophia Sanchez Barrenechea Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea

Look out for Get the Look Post:)


Di x

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Natalia Alaverdian Black Lace:Get The Look

Happy New Year everyone!

Thank you for being a great support all through the last year, I saw some great responses from you all and it just motivated me more to blog and deliver original content.

After the positive response towards the Monday Muse features, I was being asked to start a “Get the Look” feature,which translates all those inspirational looks to one click links for you to go and indulge.

At, I always try to bridge the gap between high street and designer labels and brands, as I know each of us have some precious few designer label items which we wear and be proud of! I am going to post my friend and fellow blogger StyleDynamo‘s post here for you to understand that value.

Get the look is a quick image inspiration look keeping in mind one of the images from the last Monday Muse, in this case Natalia Alaverdian.

Inspired by her Lace dress and Green Necklace here is our quick pit-stop to “get the look”. Lace Dress

Elie Saab Couture Fall Winter

Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall Winter 2012

Dolce & Gabbana LACE-DRESS

Dolce & Gabbana Lace Dress. Click on image to buy.


Rosantica Green Necklace. Click on image to buy.

Mango Earrings. Click image to buy.

Marc Jacobs Green Patent Sandals

Marc by Marc Jacobs Green Patent Heels.Click on Image to buy.

What do you think of “Get the Look” feature? Would you like to see more? Please do leave your feedback.

Love Di xx

Monday Men : Justin Doss, Senior Fashion Editor GQ

Ooooh It is getting so hot in here!

It usually takes me 1 hour to source images, and 1 hour to edit and write and post, but I must say, This Monday Men has got my fingers aching for more!

You must have spotted Mr.Charming Justin Doss in Tommy Ton’s tumblr or GQ’s street style, and boy oh boy, this man is sizzling with style and panache.The word around the town is, he is a “Man of who wears many hats”, and why not, apart from the obvious picture clues!

Justin Has has had a an excellent and a VERY steep career path with stints at Ralph Lauren, Sid Mashburn and Barneys where he was one of the top menswear buyers, and then replacing the very Senior Lisa Cohen after her retirement post her 28-year tenure at GQ. May I add, Justin is all of 27 years of age!! PHEWWW!!

His style: is an European Man in New York, with an eloquent taste in Sartorial dressing, worn always with a smug smile and may almost know all the milliners in town, considering his Hat collections!

Having said this, I must insist on all of you checking out my friend Amrit’s Wandering Brummell blog where he curates and blogs all about excellent Men’s style!Keep it up Mate!


I Came across this video on Jake Davis‘s blog. Details and expressions captured beautifully!!

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Di xx

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Monday Muse: Haleigh Walsworth of

Since the most trending topic on my twitter feed is #PFW, I can’t stop thinking of all things Parisienne..which includes my holiday from last year.

Taking a different turn on my Monday Muse from Editors and street style fashionistas, I have decided to feature fellow blogger (Our Blogger Community is real strong, as you must have guessed by now) Haleigh Walsworth, an American based out of my fav city in the world PARIS.

Haleigh shares her views on her blog Making Magique writing about her travel-escapedes, Chez elle (her priced possessions), and her fashion tastes!

It is genuine blog with a feel good factor in every post, a blog where you can connect to her even without meeting her, and that for me is addictive. Haleigh also owns an online store called REBELLE which has an excellent (and quirky just like her) taste of accessories,clothes and ickle finds! I love when bloggers curate their own store, it shows their style so much more!

I love her culmination of French Romance teamed with the American dreaminess in her pictures and videos, her style is effortless and comfortable and I especially wanted to highlight that!

p.s: Couldn’t help but include images of the Macarons..Love everything about our favourite Ladurée.

You have to watch this film by this talented blogger/filmmaker on behalf of Cant Forget Italy:

If you like MakingMagique, please follow her blog on Facebook here


Di xx

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Read More on the Ladurée. x Lanvin Collaboration here

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