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Vanity moments in the Porcelain Buildings.

It is so satisfying when you come across something new and exciting and you know you can share it with the world( well a part of the world) by going home and writing on your blog.

I remember, before my “Blog-Era”, I would come across things and would be like, Oh I wish my friends from my fashion school were here, they would love it, or at least they would understand my excitement when I see something new!

So well, here is my outlet, I came across this, literally a corner store in Shorts Garden, London, called “Do”. It is this quirky bright little design store which keeps modern and intelligent looking things, but still very functional.

It would have a triangle-shaped aero dynamic Umbrella, and on the other side, it would these 8 wired hangers welded together to provide a storage solution for your jackets. Things, people like me would like to have at home, to make it home.

I set my eyes on this porcelain Palace by this brand called Seletti, which I was told by the very friendly owners,who collect these items personally, (Good taste these fellows have) that the Palace is actually a set of their Table collection, which gets detached into individual layers used as plates, but also women have bought it to use it as their vanity case, to keep their jewellery etc.

So here I am share my find of the day, the shop and the company’s website is a must visit, and if you in London, you know where to go next 😉


Palace Vanity Case

Palace Layered Plates/Vanity Case

Do, The Bright Little Corner Store. Must visit.


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  • Luca Melchiorri Terribile March 28, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    Yes – I am one of the the very lucky and HAPPY owners of Do.
    Please to all of you out there: come along to visit us !
    Our aim is to combine Beauty, with Functionality, Simplicity and Creativity. Working with big brands but also with New Designers.
    We are the only pure Design shop in Covent Gardens and we get new products in every week.
    If you are looking for presents: are gift wrapping is not only free, but especially world famous !
    And – most of all – we absolutely LOVE what we do, we put all our passion and excitement into it !
    And – last but not least: we are really HAPPY people and we love spreading and sharing our happy thoughts and feelings with all of you !
    Luca :-)


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