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You may say I am a Dreamer!

For most people, those words will remind you of a free spirit who now lives forever in the Strawberry Fields.
Yes, I talk of no other than the ever so popular John Lennon. The man who gave everyone another reason to love, yet again!
The man whose music still gets applauded in silence with nothing but Goose bumps and overwhelmed emotions leading to tears for no reason.
His songs were, not meagre tunes, they were anthems at the time when man hated man, and his music brought that love back again.
Well, this dreamer was known for his love for the human race, which he beautiful showcased in his numerous talents of song writing, drawings and films.
Well, he did leave something behind in the fashion industry as well, his round glasses, well, let me rephrase that, he left behind the “John Lennon Glasses”.
It is his baton which we carry today, carry everyday.
I hope you guys love this as much as I do, for reasons more than one.
I was waiting for David to buy these, so that I could click the proud owner. David, it fished you compliments even before you picked them up!!



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